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We receive many questions from our community here at Classifieds.bs. If you don’t find the answer to a particular question below, please do not hesitate to email us using the SUPPORT links throughout the website.

Thanks for using Classifieds.bs, here are some of the most frequent questions we get asked:

Q – How do I register?
A – Registration is super simple & completely free. Simply click on the REGISTER link above or on the homepage and follow the easy, step-by-step instructions. Once registered, you simply log-in with your new registration details.

Q – How do I place an advert?
A – You must be a registered member of Classifieds.bs to place an advert. Once you have registered, simply log in or click on the POST LISTING links and follow the really simple step-by-step options. (did we mention how simple it is?!)

Q – How do I report an advert?
A – Scroll down and use the SUPPORT link provided on the website. Please note, when a request is made to have an Advert removed that is not posted by you we will contact the Seller and advise them of the request and give them 24 hours notice to comply (with certain exceptions). It's always best to contact the Seller directly first, and you can copy the request to us here at Classifieds.bs [email protected]

Q – How long will my advert stay live on Classifieds.bs?
A – We are constantly monitoring the volume of adverts on the Classifieds.bs website. Also, depending on category your advert may stay live on the site for up to 90 days or as low as 1 day. All adverts have an expiry date noted. Further, if the advert is not a FREE ad, that advert will have a pre-determined expiry date as noted when you post it.

Q – Can I pay to keep my advert in a more prominent position?
A – Yes, Classifieds.bs has a PREMIUM and HOME option for all users, whereby you can place your advert at the top of categories for a defined period of time at a particular cost per advert. Please check your member log-in page for more details. You are also able to PUSH YOUR AD back to the top of certain categories. All these options are available in the Member Area, simply log in to review.

Q – Is it really Free to place an advert?
A – YES, it’s totally free to register and place classifieds adverts throughout the website.

Q – Do you have an App I can download?
A – Actually, even better, we’ve designed and continually update a fully mobile optimized website for you to access on your mobile devices/tablets/etc. With the ubiquity of wireless and online data access, there’s no real burning desire on our part to short-change our users and develop a stand-alone mobile App…..you don’t need it, we don’t want to do it, and everyone loves our mobile-optimization mode…..we’ll leave the App’s to those who know better.

Q – Can I stop by and take a look at the items for sale?
A – Are you perhaps mistaken about what we do here? Please note, we do not have a giant warehouse that stores homes, cars, phones, boats, watches, dogs, horses, meals, doctors services, kayaks and more….all we do is provide the ultimate platform from which you can view 000’s of items for sale and make an offer to buy them!

Q – My item didn’t sell, what can I do?
A – There’s no guarantee that your item will sell on Classifieds.bs, but we certainly guarantee you’re exposing it to a large audience! Perhaps lower the price? At the very least make sure you have posted some pictures of the item, we notice that the most popular adverts always have pictures. Also, sometimes there just isn’t a market for an item….we have yet to see a Unicorn being sold in the Caribbean for example.

Q – How do you make money to maintain this website?
A – Along with the oremium adverts options, take a look around at all the business logo’s displaying, as well as the Display advertising – these wonderful partners of Classifieds.bs are paying to display their brands in front of your eyes! Please do use them for your needs, without these guys we wouldn’t have Classifieds.bs!

Q – I can’t log in, what’s wrong?
A – Please ensure you’ve correctly entered your password. If this does not work, try to clear your cache in your web browser as sometimes that stores the incorrectly entered password. If this does not work, simply email Classifieds.bs under the FORGOT PASSWORD?section on the LOGIN section and we’ll send you a link to reset your password.

Q - How do i change my details?
A - Each member can change their own password after logging in. We ask you to contact us to have your member account email address changed (this is for security purposes).

Q – Why do people keep contacting me about my advert when I’ve already sold it?
A – Please ensure that you delete your advert whensold in the members area. That way people can see the item is not available and they’ll leave you alone! (Hopefully!)

Q – Can I edit my advert once it is already posted live?
A – Yes, simply log into the members area and edit your adverts right there. Click on My Account, and then choose whichever advert you wish to edit simply by clicking the pencil in that Ad - the system will automatically bring you the start of the 3 Step post Ad process where you can choose to relocate it in a different category, or leave it there and move on to describe the item/edit the details of the advert, and finally you can choose to map it or post it as is.

Q – How can I know if items that I’m interested in are available on Classifieds.bs?
A – Simply enter the item you are looking for in our SEARCH BOX, or choose by Category and browse at your leisure. The search facility for Classifieds.bs is fantastic, and can be as detailed as you need it to be.

Q – I can’t find the answer to my question here, what can I do?
A – Simply email us using the SUPPORT linkin the website.