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Safety Tips

• If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Always take care to ensure the item is a genuine offer before engaging in a financial transaction.
• Do not apply for jobs overseas without first ensuring that the advert is genuine
• We do not recommend purchasing or renting any item sight unseen. Ask to see the item first.
• If you are asked to WIRE PAYMENT FUNDS, do not. Instead, ask the seller to provide a local bank in which you can deposit.
• Do not engage with anyone that requires you or them to ship an item overseas.
• Always tell people where you are going and when, especially if you are intending to transact alone with a buyer or seller.
• Always complete transactions in person if at all possible.
• Never give out your personal financial information to anyone unnecessarily, and certainly only if they are based in The Bahamas.
• Carefully review photographs. If the item does not look as though it's in The Bahamas, do not contact the seller.
• Always refuse an online/email background/credit check that is requested of you.
• To avoid being scammed, deal locally, always face-to-face with the Seller.
• Avoid continuing communication with persons using very poor grammar/spelling.
• Never send money overseas. If you are asked to, please contact the Police or Classifieds.bs BEFORE you send the funds for advice.
• Never wire funds. Do not deal with anyone requesting you to do so.
• Is the owner overseas? Be VERY careful, it MAY be a scam.
• Partial payments? Do NOT continue, it's likely a scam.
• Seeking a Nanny overseas? Stop. Only local based ads for home-helpers should be contacted.
• Concerned about a seller? Ask them for a local contact number.
• NEVER give personal, financial or private information to anyone seeking it online. Ask to meet them in person first.
• DO NOT email your passport or Drivers Licence to anyone. Ask to meet them in person if these documents are necessary.